Flujo de trabajo Meeting Minutes

Make every meeting effortless and productive with clear visibility into the commitments made and an organized history of all meeting records.

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Meeting Minutes Benefits of using BIM 360 for construction meeting minutes

Poor team coordination and project tracking can lead to schedule delays and added costs. With construction project management software, all meeting records are centralized, keeping an accurate historical record and providing meeting invitees with access to the information they need.


Effortless meeting management

Create document, distribute and track meeting minutes effortlessly and on-time


Single source of truth

Make all meeting records available as part of the project record, reducing the risk of team members missing critical decisions or actions


Increased accountability

Assign specific action items to individuals and create a record of commitments in case of cost impacts or litigation

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Meeting Minutes Workflow Intuitive tools to create agendas, track attendance, document decisions and establish accountability for action items

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Características principales Make meeting management effortless and more productive with BIM 360

Easily create agendas, track attendance, document decisions and assign action items

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